What are the Career Options?

After you take the assessments, let’s move on exploring possible career options. Here come a few questions: How can I get to know the requirements, duties, work conditions and prospect of a position?
There are two ways to do that – the traditional way is to look up information through websites with industry information, while the interactive way is to obtain information from profession insiders through networking.

Websites with Industry Information

What is Networking?

Networking is not simply chatting with somebody. Your network target should be someone who knows the job market better than you, for example, industry professionals, employers, alumni and professors. Sometimes, job vacancies are filled through some form of personal or professional referrals. Employers prefer to hire candidates they have met and with positive impressions.

Opportunities for Networking

You may join the following programmes and activities to expand your social network. Details can be found through Student E-bulletin Board and our WeChat.
STEP 3 – Experience